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Entertaining the children can be hard work! I’m gonna help, but on a budget.


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Like A Rock

If you are visiting my site you know that I am a single mother, kinda hard to miss lol. I think the role of a single parent has to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. I’m sure you can all relate, I have to be the full-time mommy, the maid, the chef (specializing in kid cuisine), doctor, monster Eliminator, entertainer, as well as full time bread winner (oh I almost forgot the chair my 5 yr old loves to sit on my lap). Being a single parent means being every single most important thing to your children. You are their rock!


Being their rock you want to create as many happy memories as possible. Vacations are a start. I think vacations are very important, they are a great time to just really connect with your family and be together, without the intrusion of work. They are also a way to learn new things about your children, your family, your life (because, our children, are our life). Staying connected should be a big part of any family!


My daughter’s father lives in a different province so once a year he comes to visit. Like I said before I have a very limited single income budget. I was able to book a hotel, pack a cooler full of food, enough to fill a bar fridge (to be honest it was mostly TV dinners and pizza pops), but my kids had a great time! there was a pool, free WIFI, free continental breakfast and a flat screen TV. I just searched for things to do in the area and BAM! vacation! so what are some of my favorite budget friendly vacation ideas you ask?


I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the beach. Most importantly being steps from the beach. I love having dinner than being able to walk to the beach and not have that long ride home after. Just walk back to your cottage/cabin/motel whatever you are able to afford (I don’t judge) and do it all over again the next day. One of my favorite sites I’ve used in the past to find these types of affordable accommodations on a budget is A great site and filter friendly. So whatever you are looking for is it free WIFI (my son), a pool (my two daughters) or a flat screen TV (me). You can find it all at a great rate!


Day-cations can be a great alternative to a full out vacation (think vacation minus the accommodation prices). Something I found just recently is called a CityPASS. The CityPASS is a great little bundle that includes passes to five different hot Toronto attractions, some of which are: The ROM, The Science Center, The CN Tower, Casa Loma as well as a choice between Ripley’s Aquarium or The Toronto Zoo. All passes are good for a full nine consecutive days, at a discounted rate. Why not experience them all?


Sometimes tight budget restraints mean you can’t go away for vacation, so why not stay-cay? Stay-cations are becoming more popular with low-income families. Taking time off from work is the most important part of a stay-cation. Just being able to say I would be working today but I’m not, feels really good. Not living in the day to day hustle and bustle, just having time to do whatever it is you want to do. some great activities for stay-cations include: taking the family out for a nice dinner, maybe renting a boat for a few hours, going fishing than coming home cooking up the fish on the BBQ. Having a fun extended family BBQ, playing cards together, or a nice little family hike, anything that gets the family together cause that’s what vacation is all about, family!

whatever it is you choose to do this summer for vacation, just remember being together is the most important part! What are your fondest family vacation memories as a child? comment below, you tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine!

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